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Now Taking Orders For Your Holiday Favorites!

Let us make your Holiday Meal one to remember, with such favorites as:

Bone-In or Boneless Prime Rib Roasts. (Ask for it “cut and tied” to make carving a cinch! We cut the bone off the roast but tie it back on with butcher string.  After its cooked just cut the strings and enjoy a boneless roast that still has the bone flavor.)

Filet Mignon Roasts or Steaks. (Say “Oven Ready” to make your filet roast extra juicy! We will tie a layer of fat on top of the roast to keep it from drying.)

Fresh Turkeys (The same bird you’ve come to love at Thanksgiving.)

Fresh Geese, Ducks, and Capons (Can’t decide on just one? We can create you a Turkducken! That is a Turkey stuffed with a Duck stuffed with a Chicken!)

Boneless or Semi Boneless Smoked Hams (We offer hams from Hatfield, Alderfer, Leidy’s, Smithfield, Shurfine, Kunzler, and more)

Foresta’s Honey Baked Ham (We take a boneless ham, slice it to your preference. We offer a sandwich slice (thin), Platter slice (medium,  it is thick enough to eat as a dinner slice but thin enough to throw on a roll), or Dinner Sliced(thicker).   After slicing we tie the ham back together with butcher string and bake on our own store made glaze.  To finish it, we top the ham with a sliced pineapple ring and cherry!)

Friday 12/22 8am to 6pm
Saturday 12/23 8am to 6pm
Sunday 12/24  9am to 3pm(Order Pickup, Full Deli, Limited Meat Cutting Only)
CLOSED Monday 12/25 Christmas

Give us a Call at 610-935-1777