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Time to order a Thanksgiving Turkey!

We are now taking orders for Thanksgiving Turkeys.  Our turkeys are locally raised at Jaindl Farms in Lehigh Valley, PA.  You haven’t had turkey, until you have had a Jaindl Grand Champion Turkey

For over 70 years and 3 generations, Jaindl Farms has been raising the “Grand Champion” brand turkey.  These broad breasted birds have up to 54% more white meat than other brands with 55% less fat and 25% fewer calories.  Jaindl “Grand Champion” Brand all natural FRESH turkeys are fed a fresh grain diet and receive no Antibiotics.

Sizes range from 8 lbs up to 30lbs.  Our rule of thumb for figuring out a size is a 1lb per person, Don’t forget a little extra for left overs!

Thanksgiving Dinner Package:


Order yours today! 610-935-1777

For more information visit Jaindl Farms