Our Story

In 1934,  John Foresta started on the North Side of Phoenixville selling produce out of his truck. He then was buying hogs and slaughtering them out of the back of his house at 214 St. Mary’s St.  John opened a slaughter house on the corner of Bridge St and Pothouse, named Foresta’s Abattoir.  During WW II, restrictions about food caused rationing and forced the slaughterhouse to close.   The property was sold off to a restauranteur from Philadelphia who eventually let the building and property go vacant for almost 20 years.



Bill Foresta started the store at 205 Church St.

At Christmas and Easter, we had Open House for the public:

The property of the slaughterhouse was purchased back by the Foresta’s and is currently our location today. The photo on the left is the market back in December of 1974. On the right shows the growth of the store over the years.

  Three Generations of Foresta’s: Chris, Scott, Jack, MJ, and Mark



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