Deer Processing


Deer Season 2023



*****WE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANY DROP OFFS (This includes cut/quartered/cooler deer) BETWEEN December 10th THRU January 1st DUE TO THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY, we will resume accepting deer on January 2nd 2024**



Drop off is only during store hours:

Monday-Saturday 8am to 6pm and Sunday 9am to 10am

Regular Cut – $140.00 – We will skin the deer, and freezer wrap/label your meat.  Legs can be made into Roasts, Steaks, or Ground.  The tenderloins will be removed and wrapped.  The back straps can be left whole for roasts or cut into chops.   The rest of the meat will be ground into burger.

Skinned Deer –  $110.00  -Same as above but If you bring a deer in already skinned, the processing price for a Regular Cut will be reduced from $140 to $110.

Pork trim added to ground – $2.50/lb

Beef trim added to ground – $4.00/lb

Chipped Steak or Cubes – $10 per leg

Sausage – $4.00/lb – We make our own Hot or Sweet Sausage and wrapped in butcher paper.

Headmounts – $20.00 Also known as a cape or shoulder mount. The head and hide down to the shoulders are left intact.

Fullmount – $20.00  The head and hide are left intact with the feet and tail still attached.

Skull Caps – $5.00 – Just the antlers and a section of the skull.

Bulk Ground – $1.00/lb – You bring in your boned out meat and we will grind it into a bag.

Wrapped Ground – $ 2.00/lb – You bring in your boned out meat and we will grind and wrap in butcher paper.

Jerky – $8.00/lb –
Formed Jerky

Snack Stix – $7.00/lb

Ring Bologna – $6.00/lb

Sausage and smoked items are made in bulk

Hunters Sharing the Harvest – No Charge–  We participate in the Hunters Sharing the Harvest program which allows you to donate the deer.   We will skin and process the meat, then it will be distributed to food banks and shelters.  For more information on HSH:

Any Questions, Call us at 610-935-1777



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