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See What People Are Saying About Foresta’s

A local blog site, Phoenixville BrickNMortar, featured Foresta’s Market as one of five local businesses in a recent post.  See the link below to find out how a perfect snack came together using only ingredients and items found in our community.    Here is what they had to say about Foresta’s:   “The last business that I can reasonably feature in this post is Foresta’s, where I bought the ice cream – a true Phoenixville treasure!  At Foresta’s today I bought 2 ready-made salads, the gallon of ice cream, and five different single Nelson’s popsicles (the best of which is vanilla, which, by coincidence, also doesn’t feature any color!)  I often wonder at the sheer number of varieties of ready-to-eat foods offered at Foresta’s. They are intuitive in the amounts they offer as well:  you can buy a 3-pack of glazed donuts for $1.15 or 1/2 of many different flavors of cake.” – Phoenixville BrickNMortar Check out the full post at 5 Birds, 1 Stone .